Castaway Tackle is the biggest dealer in second hand Fishing tackle in the UK and possibly Europe. With thousands of happy customers from all over the UK we also have a large customer base from around the globe and find ourselves regularly sending items out to Canada,USA and even Australia!

How we started

We started out selling second hand fishing tackle on car boots over ten years ago and it remains an integral part of our business to this day. Our knowledge of this area is unsurpassed, so whether you are looking for a third rod or selling some very old rods, books etc, we can give you an instant cash or part exchange quote on the items you want to get rid of or upgrade.

How it works

Basically you tell us what it is you are selling or upgrading, you can do this via e-mail, letter or over the phone if you wish. Because we know our stuff we can give you an instant quote for cash or PX lots of customers travel down to see us and just turn up on the day asking for a quote on the gear they’ve brought with them.

What if I cant travel

No problem we can arrange pick up direct from your door, after giving you a rough idea of what your gear is worth you will need to pack it properly we will advise you how to do that and then arrange with you when you would like us to collect it. Upon receipt of your goods they will be checked, and once a price for your goods has been agreed (if it hasn’t already) this amount will be automatically deducted from the item or items you are PX on and once the balance if any is paid the goods will be despatched to you. In allot of cases this turnaround happens on the same day the gear arrives, so if we received it on a Monday your shiny new gear would be with you the very next day!

The cost of the above service is minimal and is always agreed in the price before hand, obviously if it were a cash deal you would receive payment the next day. Sometimes the job lots are to big for a customer to get to us this does happen from time to time and in such cases we will pick up these bigger job lots from your door this might happen once or twice a year.

What will I get for my gear

Obviously the price will vary on age, condition etc, but trust us we are the experts when it comes to second hand and we will know what an item retailed for what it was discounted out or dumped at how old it is and how it compares today to a like for like product. You will find that we don’t pull any punches and will always give fair and honest quotes on your gear, however we do stipulate that if your not happy then don’t do the deal!!! Because we wont!! We will always come across customers who want to pay next to nothing when buying gear then expect the earth for it when flogging it, I guess that’s human nature for ya! Another area we tend to find allot of customers using the above for is to completely change over to a new style of fishing. For example we get customers swapping match gear for carp gear or vice versa carp gear for pike gear or any combinations of the above. Each deal is as individual as the customer who uses it, to date our biggest individual purchase for a private job lot is 4000 pounds but there is no limit.

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